Front mission 3 official strategy guide pdf


    Front Stage III is a huge and self-immersive game! There're 70 normal tree map and read on for all the help you need to get you through Front Mission 3. Front Mission 3 (フロントミッション サード Furonto Misshon Saado) is a tactical role- playing game for the Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. Strategy: There four cannons that must be destroyed. you should be able to take out one gun with each turn. Battlefield Official Game Guide AlCrom. manual for your projection TV, unless it is of the LCD type. Otherwise, it may In Front Mission 3, there are two methods of saving game data: a conventional.

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    Front Mission 3 Official Strategy Guide Pdf

    (Bradygames Take Your Games Further) PDF. By David you can download free book and read Front Mission 3 Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames Take Your. Front Mission 3 Official Strategy Guide (Brady Games) [David Cassady] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BradyGames-Front Mission. BradyGames-Front Mission 3: Offical Strategy Guide Book Features: Complete Coverage of Every Mission in Both Adverntures. Pilot Skills and.

    The game progresses in a linear manner: watch cut-scene events, complete missions, set up wanzers during intermissions, and sortie for the next mission. The player travels to locations on a world map. As the player progresses through the plot, new locations are revealed on the world map. Towns and cities act as intermission points where the player can organize and set up their units for the upcoming mission. New to Front Mission 3 is the Double Feature Scenario — this allows the player to experience two different scenarios that exist independently of one another within the game's storyline. Front Mission 3 missions are traditional tactical RPG fare, ranging from destroying all enemy targets to protecting a certain allied target. Where the game differs significantly from its predecessors lies mainly through a new combat feature — the ability to attack the pilots themselves. During any attack, the pilot can be damaged or forcefully ejected from their machines. The player can also have a pilot eject from their unit to fight on foot, or hijack another machine on the battlefield. The game also changes how skills are learned; instead of gaining experience to improve a pilot's proficiencies, they are now learned by equipping wanzer parts and using them in battle. When certain conditions are met, there is a random chance that a pilot may learn a new skill from one of their wanzer parts, which can be programmed into the wanzer's battle computer. Many gameplay features from Front Mission 2 have also been removed, greatly simplifying the overall structure of mission play. Missions are now much smaller in scale, limiting the amount of strategic options the player can use. Action Points AP is a feature that dictates how much actions can be done with each unit. Actions such as moving and attacking require a certain amount of AP to use.

    Another new addition is part skills; parts can be equipped with special features that grant them unique properties. For example, rifles can shoot through multiple targets in its line of fire with the part skill "Piercing". Auxiliary backpacks from Front Mission 4 that make a return include: item, turbo, repair, jetpack, sensor, and EMP backpacks. Several of the auxiliary backpacks have new functions: item backpacks come with a small increase in power output, sensor backpacks can use EMP, and EMP backpacks can add armor coats or repair damaged parts.

    Other returning features from other Front Mission entries include: Arena, Battle Simulator, briefings, mission branching, and remodeling. Arena is a feature where the player can field a number of pilots to battle Arena combatants, controlled by AI , for monetary rewards Command Points, or CP. The player can also battle characters from past Front Mission entries. Briefings are shown to aid the player about mission conditions, special notes, and special enemies.

    Pictures, streaming data, and the ability to review the mission area are used to illustrate these details. Battle Simulator is a VR simulator where the player can improve the combat proficiencies of their pilots. These simulators can be taken and repeated at any given time.

    Mission branching is an option that allows the player to choose what type of mission they can play next. This feature is seen several times in the game. Parts and weapons that are downloadd can be upgraded through remodeling. New to remodeling in this game is part optimization; when using Remodel Points RP , a part can transform into one of many derivative versions from its part set. Parts, auxiliary backpacks, weapons, and items can be arranged in a number of ways through part sorting.

    Scouting allows the player to recruit extra pilots to their platoon. The range of pilots that can be recruited increases as the game progresses. Over 80 pilots can be scouted, with a maximum of 12 pilots being used at any given time. Survival Simulator is a simulator where the player goes through a set number of floors with one pilot.

    Upon completing the simulator or finding the item "Escape Code", the player can end the simulation and bring items found in the floors back to the main game. Any leftover item space is converted into RP. A player can also raise their rank by scoring kills against players on the opposing team. Missions aside, Evolved boasts other new features as well as returning ones, particularly from Front Mission Series: Gun Hazard. Hover backpacks allow wanzers to move around quickly or hover above the ground.

    Anti-missile backpacks increase enemy missile lock-on time, and release flares to throw off missile fire. Featured only in the single player campaign, Gunship Mode is a combat mode in which the player fights on a gunship; this mode plays out like a rail shooter.

    This feature is only seen in the single player campaign. The lone returning feature in Evolved is Infantry Mode fromGun Hazard, which is only available in the single player campaign.

    In Infantry Mode, players can go into combat on foot, but will not be able to ride any vehicle. Setting[ edit ] Front Mission Evolved is a story reboot of the Front Mission series, taking place after the storyline of the older titles. The enemy Mk59 APC has a grenade launcher that can cause significant harm. Keep at it with your missile launcher and finish the job up close with your other Wanzers. Stay on the original street for as long as possible and let the tanks come to you.

    From that point on. Attack them close up when they arrive and use your shields whenever possible. Try to remain on the first street for as long as possible. Begin by having your missile launcher remain in the corner that it starts in and just start nailing away at the Haolong on the next street over with every turn. Keep the missile launcher tucked away in the original corner out of harms way. Lots of tanks and Haolong 4s! The spidery Haolongs look a lot tougher than they really are.

    They have HP in the body alone. Keep the others in close Have one Wanzer move to the train to destroy it while the others worry about the enemy troop. Keep back on the edge of the stage you begin on and stay out of range of the two shotgun-wielding enemies.

    This is why you should only send one Wanzer to attack it. You should be rid of the Tiandongs by then though. Have the chosen unit rush the Armored Car and attack it at close range. Armored train will actually be less of a threat as the rest of the enemy com- bined. It may take a few turns just to eliminate these two guys they are heavy!

    The two Yongsai 3s will join the battle after a couple of turns. The rest of your units should head to the left side of the divided highway and kill the enemy Yongsai 3s. When those are gone. They have premium Wanzers and firearms and the odds are tipped in their favor. Use the first few turns that it takes for them to approach you to missile one of them up top.

    Each of the enemies has the Double Assault Battle Skill as well. Quickly surround the enemy that arrives earlier than the rest and destroy it. Be careful about attacking from close range to avoid their punch. This battle can be a tough one! The 4 Qibing 0s have good Melee abilities. When the other enemies arrive. Set your defensive to protect against Impact weapons. All enemy Wanzers have shotguns. And have your missile launcher assist from the ground at a safe distance.

    The two Dual Cannons are easily destroyed although. You can either fight separately with your split teams. Send a reply to this person. Your Allies can help a lot since they have long range Rifles and may be able to attack before you. When you choose to speak with Huang. Take the elevator up to destroy the guns. Pushing forward will be difficult. Keep them alive for a better score.

    So just be aware that there are 3 different stages that could be accessed after this stage given the right perimeters. And if she is already in your party then you would play through Wuzhou Base. These same three stages will be slightly different in this scenario. Send a reply. If you destroyed the Cadenza in the stage. Finish off the tanks and then turn your attention to the Shangdi 1 and the Wude 3.

    Take all of your Wanzers. And later the reinforcements that arrive on turn three are the Shangdi 1 with a rifle and a Wude 3 with a missile launcher. Try to capture either enemy Wanzer if you can. Unless you have a grenade launcher who can work on them.

    Ignore the infantry until later. Then worry about the tanks and lastly. Send a reply to him. By now at the beginning of the third turn 3 the reinforcements would have arrived and will be working their way around the mountain to you.

    Quit a battle ahead. This leaves two remaining Shangdi 1s on the other side of the bridges. It may take two turns. At Guangzhou. Rush them and combat them closely until they have been eliminated. Heal your party members that have been weak- ened and begin the assault again in the same fashion. If you are still in the same corner and all the above has been destroyed then another Shangdi 1 with a rifle will make its way across the second bridge.

    Start by having everyone attack the Melee Wanzer just across the bridge. Missiles first and then follow up with long range weapons and then close combat. In Guilin. LUO Xiang Mei Li will probably take her out in his next turn.

    You got 2 Lenghe 1s with Melee and HP on the body. The next one to concentrate on would be the Mingtian 1s with Missile launchers. None of them can be downloadd from a shop. If you can a couple of hits on Rosavia in the next turn. Serov must die and defeat all enemy Wanzers. There are quit a few enemies to worry about here.

    Set your defenses to Impact and start by attack- ing Rosavia Gray in the Shunwang who will start her attack on Xiang Mei Li with her first turn.

    Front Mission 3: Official Strategy Guide

    Send an email to Luo. Use repair on the Getty if he needs it -keep him alive. Do your best to capture these Wanzers. The Yongsai 3s will take some time to kill. Arm Miner At1 Missile R. E-Acc2 If you start by attacking Serov. Arm mm Gun Cannon L. Once they are all dead. Leave him alone now. Set your defensive upgrades to Impact weap- ons. Serov is equipped with the following: Weapon Type Location Use long-range weapons at first and then move in for a closer attack once they have been softened up.

    Arm Battle Skills: Use the password and then reply to Wen. Kazuki gets a note from Yue. Talk to the Fat Guy.

    Yun gets an email from Wen with the Twin Tiger Software password. When you return to Guangzhou. In Guangzhou go to the downtown area.

    Send her a reply as well. Dennis gets another email from Sybil. Check email again and Kasuki gets a Heroic photo from Yue. Marcus gets an email from Susan. They have really good Battle Skills: Jared Gogdanof Avoid The Shunwang 1s in this group are perhaps the most deadly adversaries in this battle. The Grezex has a good Laohu Keep one space inbetweeen you and the Whisk to avoid its Melee attack. Rosavia Gray Topple Shot. Use your Buckler shields with every counter.

    Revenge II. Rush the enemy group of one Mingtian 1. The message contains a password for the Hua Lian Rebels web site. Attack the Mingtian 1 first and then have your primary Wanzer attack the group of two Mingtian 1s.

    Finish off the first group and then confront the last group. Set defense for Impact and fight the missile capable Whisk before the Grezex. On the fourth Turn several new Wanzers will enter the battle on the other side of the bridge. Marcus gets one from Susan. Yun receives a message from Hatta with a job offer. If they all come out in the next turn. Stay on the side of the bridge you started on and take up defensive positions behind the columns.

    Take the enemy out as they come to you between the columns one at a time. Then attack the other remaining Wanzers and agents. No need to reply. Have the other two attack the grenade-launching Whisk -a long-range missile launching Wanzer and a close attacking shotgun Wanzer would be good.

    Continue to get Jose out of sight. Jose is Wanzer-less!

    Series: Brady Games

    Shoot the wall between you and Jose and bring Jose to you and send a Machinegunning Wanzer in the yard and attack from inside out. Attack the Lanze that comes in as reinforcement with another Wisk and a Vinedrai. When fighting the men.

    The two Haita 4s will hold off on their attacks. Not good with so many grenade-launching enemies! Remain on your side of the river. This might make the Haita 4s split up their attacks giving you a better chance at coming out of this alive. Eliminate the Mk59 APC near the waterfall. Forget about saving the Methane WZR. Boosters still work ok on this rough terrain. The other Mk59 APC will not grenade you with so many men around.

    Have two boost over there and destroy it on the first turn. Use the other two Wanzers approach the other side from the bridge. Give everyone Buckler Shields as well. Use the Buckler when countering if the enmey still have there Melee weapon arm. It is your game and all… Anyway. In the simulator. When the en- emy comes. Most of them are Melee type Wude 3s.

    In this stage. Stay in the area that you begin in and let all the enemies come to you. Return a message to Lixian. Try to pick off the front cannon and leave the missile launcher in back.

    There are new weapons and backpacks. When all have been destroyed the stage is won. If you can take out the cannons before the Wanzers you will get extra points. This will get them up to par with your other characters.

    Pick apart the enemy from a distance with the missile launcher first and then from a space away with the other weapons. Check the Guangzhou Shop. So with your first turn. Target the Tieqi 4 first and if you can destroy its Huosai 2. Attack one Wanzer at a time and you should have no surprises. Concentrate on one enemy at a time until they are destroyed or missing their weapon arm.

    This is a pretty straightforward stage. This stage is very similar to the last only this time one Shangdi 1 has been replaced by a Tiegi 4 who has a Flame-thrower. The Shangdi 1s are very similar to the last ones in all aspects.

    Set you defense for Impact. The four Shangdi 1s have a Rifle and a Hardblow. You can fight without legs!! They may take a while to kill with their Body HP but you have to do it in 12 Turns or you loose. Take on each enemy Wanzer with all four of your Wanzers at once. Stay one space away when attacking one space between you and them. All enemies destroyed or surrender in 11 turns. If their arm is gone.

    Shoot with missiles first and then follow up with the shotguns and rifles. Kazuki gets a message from Koike. Its not that strong HP wise it should download the farm in one turn leaving you with the two Tiandong 3s. Take out the Missile Launching Laiying Type1 closest to you first.

    Head to the left side of the bridge and attack the closest tanks but still make destroying the Laiying Type1 a top priority. Your next task is to send one or two fast Wanzers around the truck to destroy the other two Laiying Type 1s while the others finish the tanks. Hua Lian de- stroyed by turn 4 or your pilots destroyed. The two Tiandong 3s further up are of the Melee type.

    Or you could choose Impact to help with the Tiandong 3s and the Nilong 1. Having two Missile Launching Wanzers could help overcome all the distance in this stage. Shoot the Nilong 1 with ranged weapons. Remain in the general beginning area until all the tanks are destroyed. They have Mk10 Fists and Harblows. They are protecting the Nilong 1. Set defensive upgrades to protect against Piercing attacks.

    If an enemy missile damage your engineers you should make repairs immediately. Shotguns and machineguns work pretty well on them. After taking out the turrets and crossing the bridge. Make sure to download the new upgrades that are available now.

    Bring at least two or three Wanzers with either missile launchers with refills. Set your defensive to protect against Fire. When the helicopters are destroyed. Destroy or disable the Laiying Type1s first and the tackle the Yongsai 3s. Non-Wanzer combat is kind of funky! Hit percentage is low and everyone takes the same damage.

    Have the rest of the party work their way up the bridge and along the cliffside toward the second bridge. Pick between Fire and when setting your defensive upgrades.

    Without moving. Heavy Shields and extra missiles would be a bonus to have in this level. Draw the helicopters to come within range of shotguns and rifles by luring them near the ledge to attack them. Keep every- one together and attack the enemies one at a time. Keep everyone together as much as possible.

    Try destroying the Mk20 AFVs with your counterattacks to save on turns. Focus your attacks on the Lanze and then the Vinedrai. Your defenses should be set to protect against Piercing weapons. You need to protect the 2 Shangfeng 5s from the enemy as well.

    Front Mission Shrine - Walkthrough

    Set you defenses for Piercing or Impact weap- ons. Heavy Shields are a must against the missile attacks that will fall on you.

    Set your defensive upgrades to protect against Fire attacks. Have both groups meet in the rear section of the map to finish off the remaining enemy troops. Leave your forces split in two and have each group attack the closest Haolong 4. Your pilots de- stroyed or Hua Lian helicopters get destroyed. Have half of your troop attack the Mk59 APC.

    After the Haolongs have been eliminated. This will take some time to wear down. Move everyone together to the right across the bridge and take out the tank and the missile launching Laiying Type. However your next target should be the Yongsai 3s. Keep everyone spread apart though. While fighting the Haolong 4s. Huang Objectives: The second Laiying Type across the river will use his shield with every attack you put on him. Then charge him and get up close for the attack. Keep all others to the far right away from the Armored Cars and their grenade launchers.

    He has good defensive up- grades. Send a heavy hitter to deal with the trains at close range while the others go for the Whisk first. Talk to the Patriot in the Nanjing Bar to get this web address. Send her an email back. Use everyone to attack him and disable his Wanzer quickly.

    Set your defensive upgrades to protect against Piercing attacks. To divert their missiles. The Bihu 1s will sit back and fire missiles at your team until you challenge them close up. This will cut down the damage caused the Shangdi 1s and the Wude 3s. You can have someone eject from his or her Wanzer into the Armored Car in one turn if you stand next to it. They may target this for a while. When you go to attack the Bihu 1s.

    Head down the main street and challenging the Melee Wanzers there. Once you do. When the Armored car takes too much abuse. Use the Armored Car to target the Bihu 1s from a distance. Use your other near by Wanzer to take out the enemy Wanzer that comes in from between the buildings.

    Worry about the infantrymen in this last room after all Wanzers are destroyed. Bring some extra missiles. Liu arrives in a Shangdi 1. Set your defensive upgrades to either Anti-P or Anti-I or a mixture of both.

    Soften all enemies with missiles around the corners before going in with the guns. His machinegun allows him to tear off weakened limbs. At the beginning of Turn 8. Once all Wanzers are de- stroyed. Set your defenses to Anti-P. Most of the enemies use Piercing attacks. Let the enemy Wanzers come to you so that the tanks stay out of the battle until they are needed. Send your hardest hitter to go against the two Shunwang 1s while everyone else attacks the Lenghe 1s.

    Once Lukav is down. He will remain in his spot for the entire battle. Take this time to heal up for what is about to transpire. Luckav is alone and motionless. Set your defenses for either Anti-P or Anti-I. Liu arrives at the flashing point.

    Stay in the middle of the room and move around. Liu appears and heads for the cell where Emma and Alisa are held captive. The two Shunwang 1s equipped with machineguns in the room you begin in will be your first concern.

    Once he is destroyed the mission will end. You can pick him off from a distance with either missiles or rifles. When the two Melee-ing Lenghe 1s enter the room. Liu reaches Alisa and Emma or your pilots destroyed. Try not to pin yourself in a corner when fighting the Lenghe 1s. Check the stage objectives end cond. Attack one at a time and pray for an ejection!

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