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Change Your Mindset Change Your Life is a motivational, self-help book filled with actionable steps for people who desperately want to change their lives and. Change Your Mindset Change Your Life - Kindle edition by Teresa Howard. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. that will change your life and the lives of the ones you love. Change Your Breakfast Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life: How to Unlock Your.

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Ebook Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

Change Your Mindset Change Your Life eBook: Teresa Howard: lamwordgafiri.gq: Kindle Store. Over the last 5 years my life has really changed. Looking back on it, I really am proud of my achievements in getting where I am today. I have much more to. To upgrade your mindset, change your negative self-talk to an MINDSET? Get my Free Ebook “6 Mental Blocks That Keep You Stuck in Life”.

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I was single, but everyone around me was in an awesome relationship with really fun people. In an attempt to make myself feel better, I would spend a lot of money on useless items that entertained me for a few days, but then the novelty wore off. Credit cards were becoming my savior when money ran out.

At that time I decided that I would become a psychic. As if I was undertaking some noble cause, I felt that in helping people be happy, I would be happy. So I found myself a famous psychic who agreed to teach me the mystical arts one-on-one. After my training and a lot of practice, I became a part-time psychic helping people clear the cobwebs of confusion, and giving them direction. While I liked giving people advice, it really made things worse for me. Here I was telling them how they could have awesome lives, but my life was far from awesome!

How hypocritical! I decided that I would take a self-development course to get a sense of direction of what I wanted in my life. One day I was expressing my frustration at life to a friend of mine, and she suggested that I take a vacation. Besides, it might be fun!

I came off my shift at work, went straight to the airport, and took a vacation on an island off the south-coast of Australia. I literally did nothing! During this period of doing nothing, I did do a lot of soul searching.

On the flight home I decided that if I wanted change, I had to take the first step. I went to work and tendered my resignation. I had no job to go to, but I still wanted to work somewhere where I could help people, as I actually did enjoy helping them out.

The next week I ended up getting work with the government, assisting people with their difficult situations. My vacation thinking gained momentum, and I realized that I needed to keep focusing on me if I wanted to be happy, find a loving relationship, and wanted to be wealthy.

A couple of months later I got introduced to a lovely young lady and before I knew it we were in a beautiful relationship. Romeo and Juliet had nothing on us! How exactly to do that, we will examine in the next chapter, but the simple fact is that there is zero room for negative thoughts in the superhuman way of thinking.

Additional reading: Cognitive distortions and negative thinking From the problem-oriented mindset to the solution-oriented mindset A big part of what you have to do in life is problem-solving. Nobody alive, now or ever, can live a life without problems. The only people without problems are dead people. You constantly have to deal with problems at work, problems at home, problems with people, problems with machines computers , problems with yourself and your health, you name it.

Problems are a fact of life and there are only two ways how you can approach and deal with this fact. You can cry or you can be a problem-solver. You bitch, whine and complain, try to get some comfort from other people and hope that problems will die by themselves. Usually people wait until problems grow so big that they just have to start dealing with them.

But the moment you shift your focus from a problem to potential solutions, negative emotions disappear and you can engage your creative mind. So the question is why would you even be focused on a problem in the first place, no matter how hard the situation is.

Instead focus immediately on how to solve a problem. You must be like Thomas Edison who tried 10, different ways until he invented a light bulb, everything without complaining and feeling sorry for himself. He just learned and looked for new ways how to do things.

Here are a few additional ideas for keeping a solution-oriented mindset: Maintain a positive attitude.


A walk in nature can help with that a lot. Know that problems and waste are only opportunities for engaging your creative mind. Again, problems equal opportunities. Always question everything and always look for ways how to do things better.

Doubt the so-called best practices, there are always ways to do things better. At everything that exists or is only part of your imagination, you can look from a different angle.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life Page | - PDF Drive

The most flexible survive, not the strongest ones. That also includes being flexible in your mind. Do things right away and immediately test new solutions and new ideas. You need feedback from real-life situations and make further decisions based on solid data, not solely on your opinion.

Know that every failure means nothing but being just one step closer to the right solution.

Success is a lousy teacher and failure is the best one. Seek the wisdom of other people, such as coworkers, mentors , coaches. Never put your ego in front of learning from other people. Every time you encounter a problem that pisses you off and you just want to start bitching, whining and complaining, pause for a moment.

Instead take a deep breath, start managing your emotions and open your mind to creative problem-solving thinking. Further reading: The difference between the problem- and solution-oriented mindset From reactive thinking to proactive thinking and superproactivity When you successfully implement all the mindset updates mentioned so far, your life will already dramatically change to the better.

Nevertheless, this superproactivity update takes everything even a step further; a lot further.

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The main point of this update is to take full responsibility for your life. Complete full responsibility for all life areas.

Being reactive means you have no clear goals about your life, you just hope for the best. But only having hope is never a good strategy. Changing vocabulary to I want, I prefer, I can, I choose and I will is the first step toward a proactive mindset.

You act before a situation becomes a source of frustration or crisis. You are always one step further than your life is.

Living Stories

Below are the steps for becoming a proactive person. Superproactivity means taking full and complete responsibility for your life, including the areas where you expect nature, love, government, church or whoever to take care of things instead of you.

You take responsibility for your own life in the hardest areas ever. But which are these areas with an example of reactive behavior? That means getting educated, thinking ahead and building a superior strategy, putting yourself in a position of many options, and following through with your plan while staying agile and flexible.

You can read more about superproactivity here. The next step and the next update are there to make sure you always go for the best in life and get the best from life. Only the right question can encourage your brain to start looking for the best solutions. Examples of suboptimal thinking: Why is this happening to me? What if I fail and everybody laughs at me? What should I do now? Which option should I choose? How can I solve a problem in the best way?

Which is the best option for me? What will lead to the best possible outcome? You can also replace the best with other superlatives, like: greatest talents , highest priority , smartest way to work , most profitable, productive, enjoyable, rewarding, important , maximal output, productivity, time spent together , and so on. When you ask yourself the right questions, there is no more room for being stuck, depressed or miserable.

Mindset is not just about "being positive"

With the right questions and by putting your creative potential to use, you can always find the best action for a certain situation.

Indeed, an incredible and very useful update. The optimal thinking concept was designed by Rosalene Glickman , Ph.

Additional reading: Only optimal thinking leads to achieving maximum results From egotistical thinking to agile thinking Darwin figured out centuries ago that not the strongest survive, the most flexible ones do. In general, we are generally obsessed with organization, productivity, creativity and innovation — maximizing strength and output.

And you know what happened to the strong and mighty dinosaurs. So in order to have a superhuman mindset, you need an update to optimize your life not only for productivity and creativity, but also for flexibility. You see, you are egotistically invested in your beliefs, convictions, goals and needs. And it hurts like hell to be wrong about something or to fail. Wrong assumptions are the mother of all fuckups.

One big defeat at the end seems much easier to cope with than taking mini small defeats upon yourself from the very beginning, enabling you to constantly adjust you course.

Nevertheless, the final big defeat can be fatal, like it was for dinosaurs.

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